“Do Something That Matters”

“Do Something That Matters”

In the big 50K foot view of everything in our respective lives, the picture is all encompassing.  Details are not clear, faces are but a blur.  When we get closer to a lower altitude, it’s then that the details start to become more clear and “other” things become important, or more important.

I’ve lived my life in relative success and happiness, of course it’s all subjective as to how one measures success and happiness.  I have a great family, I have good health and I’ve been fortunate enough to have great friends.  No complaints from this guy for sure.  But as I get older and hopfully a wee bit wiser, I’ve come to understand that there is more out there for me to do, for all of us to do.  It’s a cumulitive thing for me.  Helping a child read a book, holding open a door for a stranger, allowing someone to go in front at the check out counter.  Small things but they all add up.

Doing something  that matters is the next big thing in my and Tom’s (Witowski) life.  We’ll be embarking on an “epic” walk from Colorado to North Carolina.  We’re going to see America from a whole different perspective, one step at a time.  We’ll hopefully be meeting and greeting Americans from all over.  Some people, well actually more than some people, have called us nuts.  We’re not in this for ourselves.  We certainly are not the first to do this and of course we won’t be the last.  We’re both doing this because we feel we’re “Doing Something That Matters.”  Honoring our military and their families, hopefully raising awareness about our Greatest Generation, our Wounded Warriors, our Vietnam Vets and our Blue Star famlies and all the while hopefully raising some money for some great foundations.

I hope you all follow us in our daily adventures and if we pass close by, come out and say hello and maybe walk a step or two with us.  We’d both love to have ya!

Our journey will start in a few short months so until then, please do something that matters!

Mike a.k.a. Forrest