The Shadow Stands Tall


The Shadow Stand Tall -

Well, it’s been a long time since I posted on the OHT website.  My bad.  These past few weeks have been eventful, but in a good way.

Time for a bit of reflection and trust me, more will come after completion and of course you won’t be able to escape the pics of the journey.

It seems like eons ago when I started this TREK.  So many places that I visited along the way and met so many wonderful people.  From the start from Lodo’s Highlands Ranch parking lot in Colorado, to the Air Force Academy, to all the KOA Kampgrounds along the way, to Lamar, Lajunta Colorado, to Dodge City, KS, to Oklahoma and the Gold Star Allbaugh family (LCpl Jeremy Allbaugh) to Texas to visit and stay a bit with my parents, to another Gold Star family, Ms. Diane and John Salyers (SSG Justin Estes), to Arkansas and the Hirt family (Son is a Capt in the Army), to the amazing Gold family in Tennessee, to Alabama where I spent my birthday with some amazing new friends at the Brick House Sports Bar, to the KOA in Calhoun, GA where I was very fortunate to meet Aaron and Mary Ann Walkover, owners and WWII USMC veteran and Iwo and Guam survivor Mr. Al Cadenhead, to my wonderful friends in near Atlanta, Joe and Sam (and Barley), to Mike and Laura Johnson…the list goes on and will continue and if I did not mention your name, I apologize but I will next posting ….and of course there are the details that make this true adventure a real life story.

I did find out something I already knew, that America is honestly the Greatest place in the world and it’s her people make it and keep it that way.

My TREK is almost over but the story will last a lifetime and more!  I thank you all for being a big part of it.  Every step I took, you all have been right there with me in spirit.

Thanks again to you all, and as a good friend of mine ALWAYS says as his morning radio show ends, “Please remember our troops!”  Not just today, but everyday!

Until next posting (at the conclusion of OHT)!

My very best,

Forrest a.k.a. Mike

4 Responses to The Shadow Stands Tall

  • Mary says:


  • James R. Mobley says:

    Job well done Mike. We are proud of you and all those for which you are walking. Much Love, Dad

  • Debby Leake says:

    It’s hard to believe you are almost finished!! We are so honored to have you trekking to remember our active duty and veteran troops. I was an Air Force “Brat” until we moved to Texas, have a lot of military in my family, and my son was in the Navy for ten years. I feel I will always have a sense of great pride and patriotism for our wonderful country! I so look forward to your posts and pictures of your trek and my heart is happy that you met so many wonderful fellow Americans.

  • Jackie Assante says:

    It was indeed my pleasure to witness your amazing fete via your website. I have loved the photos that you have posted and felt I was right there with you. You are one helluva guy and your patriotism is admirable. Your sons should be busting with pride and just the thought of your emotional reunion with them in North Carolina leaves me teary eyed. God Bless you.

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